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Fontana Freida Hut
Maison Cly Hotel & Restaurant

We want to take you up to 2000 metres, a short walk from the chairlift, so you can breathe in the pure, intense mountain air and rediscover the pleasure of tasting the simple old flavours of times gone by.

We want you to once again enjoy the friendliness that you can only find high up a mountain, where spending time together is a pleasure to be shared.
We want you to embrace the warmth of the sun and enjoy our simple welcome.

Fontana Freida Hut offers traditional dishes of the typical cuisine of Chamois with simple, genuine tastes.
If you’re only staying for a short while, you mustn’t miss the delicious Valle d’Aosta board, or our panini which are prepared daily with only the best ingredients.
If you want more high-energy food, there are home-made cakes and fresh cream in every imaginable flavour, the most popular being chocolate.

If requested, we can organize dinners up the mountain for a minimum of 20 people, returning at night with snowshoes. The characteristically rustic hut can accommodate groups of up to 120 people.

The large terrace, which is bathed in sunshine both in summer and in winter, is a beautifully simple and practical place to meet your friends for a rest and a snack.
Alternative idea
Why not book a dinner for a group reaching the Fontana Freida with a walk in the moonlight?
See the menu in "news"
The convivial spirit of the high mountain,
where spending time together is a pleasure to be shared.